Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peninsula State Park...Day 2
Saturday was a mild day with light breezes. Our intention was to paddle some of the nearby islands and just mess around in boats. But first, breakfast.
Doug, replete with a new stove and utensils, made marvelous omelets and toasted muffins. Vicki, a seasoned camper, made her own espresso. Then, off to paddle. We visited a few of the islands, poking around them and discovering snug ponds and lots of birds. A single pelican, who had apparently decided to stay longer than his colleagues, was raking in the fish. At one of the islands a handsome bald eagle put on a show for us, then perched on high and watched the silly humans in glass boats. None of the pictures of the birds did them justice and, thus, do not appear here.

(Vicki in one of the ponds)

(Sheri, same pond) We picked up Chuck along the way and continued to explore shorelines. Then we began to hear thunder in the distance and headed back to camp. It was, of course, time to eat again. And eat. I must say that I was treated more as a guest at this time as the others whipped up a lovely dinner. Later, at the camp fire, Sheri brought out the Peeps (Bird shaped marshmallows), and we all had a sugar high. Some of the group reported strange dreams the next morning. I was told that the wind had whipped up during the night, but I had slept through it. It was a fun day. More tomorrow.

Paddle safe...