Friday, September 19, 2008

That Fall Feeling
Soon many of the blogs will be sporting the token fall foliage photo or two. There will be discussions about whether the leaves turn lovely colors v. the color is always there but masked by the chlorophyll during the growing season. And, all the time, the clock will continue to tick away time as leaves and brain cells gradually die off. Getting old can be a bitch.

Oh, I can't complain (like hell I can't complain), I'm still holding my own. I do, however, note some erosion of flexibility and the ability to heal aches and pains. Sometimes, the hardest part of paddling is getting out of the boat. Some days the Romany seems to have gained weight as I lift it off and onto the car. All in all, I am luckier than most my age.

In 1986 I went to the twentieth year reunion of my medical school class only to discover that about 12% of the class were dead. I haven't been back to a reunion since. My high school colleagues have seemed to fair better, and hundreds have already responded to an invite to our 50th reunion next year. Apparently, being a doctor is not good for one's health...unless the doctor paddles.

So, I simply awaken every morning (so far) and bathe in the sense of amazement that I have made it to another day on the right side of the grass. I then get up, more slowly each day, and do my routine, just as if I was 20 years younger. Any time the day (weather and appointments) permit, I shoulder the Romany onto the Blazer and head to one of the local launch sites. Sometimes I dress as if it were colder than it is and do some bracing and rolling...always on Lake Michigan.

And somewhere during each day I take time to look up and say "thank you".

Paddle safe...



Anonymous said...

as always, your photo's are beautiful and your words fulfilling. bette davis said it best when she said "getting old ain't for sissy's."

Douglas Wilcox said...

Silbs, I tend to get melancholy at this time of year, especially as we are still waiting for the Scottish summer to arrive. The mortality of Glasgow medics is not any better. Indeed, the mortality of the whole city may be linked to our lack of sunshine. Then the new students arrive from all over the world and I feel a little younger...

Silbs said...

Thanks, Szette...I don't even have Bette Davis eyes.
I hear you, douglas. Lack of sunlight and being stuck indoors isn't the best thing for one's mental health. Just keep paddling.