Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet the Paddler
Meet the Author

I first met Aaron Stander at a QAJAQ summer camp in Michigan when he let me try a static brace in his Yost SOF (it was to be my first successful static brace). I was immediately drawn to this soft spoken, gentle man. Perhaps it was that we were close in age. Perhaps it was his keen, intellectual and understated humor that made him so pleasant to be with.

I had the pleasure of joining him as a trip escort during this past Grand Marais Symposium where he gifted some of us with a copy of one of his book.

I've just finished reading it, and give it 5 stars. The book is well crafted (what do you expect from an English professor?). The way Aaron makes his characters so real is beyond my writing skills. From an academic stand point, it is first class. But wait:

It is a great read, a murder who-done-it with word pictures of the Michigan dunes area and the forests around them. Without giving anything away, the sheriff is the main character, and an interesting one at that. He has eclectic tastes in food and wine, is obviously educated and...yes, you've guessed it...he kayaks. I swear Aaron would have to play the part if a movie is ever made of the story.

Get this book and enjoy it as much as I have. Better yet, at the next QAJAQ or Grand Marais affair, seek out this man and introduce yourself. You will have enriched your life by doing so. Just tell him that Silbs sent you.

Paddle safe...


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Alex said...

Thanks for the reminder. I REALLY wanted to win Aaron's book this year at the Training Camp raffle but it didn't work out. I just ordered it on Amazon and I'm looking forward to reading it!