Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Missed It
I didn't make the QAJAQ training camp this year, and I miss it. I also haven't been rolling much, but I hit the vast majority of my rolls when I do. Thing is, it doesn't feel quite as easy as it did in the past. I attribute this to not enough practice. I especially do not get enough practice in my SOF's.
I am not comfortable alone on the big lake in a SOF since it would be difficult, and possibly impossible, to make a wet exit. I want the company of a trustworthy paddler to offer a bow rescue should I lose my paddle and norsac and miss my hand roll. Unfortunately, and not to my credit, I have never practiced the Pretrussin maneuver.
Another factor in my practice is my reluctance to put the SOF in the lake at all. Doing so means having to do intermittent bleach rinses to prevent mildew. Perhaps, then, there is something good to be said about winter coming.
It means I will be headed to the chlorinated waters of the pool and will have no mildew worries. There will also be the presence of other fine paddlers to offer a bow rescue and to stand by when I try the Pertrussin maneuver. There may be hope or us all.
Paddle safe...


Ron said...

This year was the first time I went to one of the Qajaq USA events. I will be attending more for sure ... hopefully I'll see you at the next one.

Nice kayak in the photo!

Michael said...

Silbs - I removed the canvas skin on my 2 year old SOF last year expecting to see a lot of mold. I found none at all! I'd always used it in fresh water and never once run bleach through her. Was I just lucky? I don't know.

Silbs said...

If my bod holds together, I just might make it next year, Ron.
Michael, I wonder how much difference the material involved makes...and the quality of the water into which we put our SOF's.