Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old Guy Style

Saturday was our annual block party, and everyone showed up for talk, food and a quiz. someone has prepared a questionnaire about things like, "What famous person once lived on the block," (Brewer's pitcher Teddy Higuera from whom we bought our house). Ansel won as the "most walked dog" on the blockThe presence of more and more children and grandchildren each year has made this a joyful event.

On Sunday, Lady Linda prepared a wonderful brunch for our paddling friends.

Sorry I don't have more shots. Enough to say that there were about 20 paddlers of all ages and all levels. Discussions were going on all over the place while paddling DVD's played on the HD TV. Maybe I should open a sports bar for paddlers.

Paddle safe...



Michael said...

Sports bar for paddlers? Sign me up! Great idea!

steve said...

sign me up too for the bar, sounds like you guys really know how to party