Monday, June 12, 2006

Bottom Line
Real Assets

The hours of enjoyment we get from our sports are precious. Something about it--be it kayaking, running, judo or climbing--calls us back, over and over, and leaves us with a satisfaction to be found no where else. What that something is that we get from our sport varies amongst individuals.

For some, it is the exercise, plain and simple. Others cherish the risk of hanging it all out and walking away whole. For another, it is a head game. For you...well, only you can say.

I have had the good fortune to experience many activities during my lifetime, and I have derived something from each of them. All that aside, what I've come to realize is that they all have had a common denominator, something that always left me feeling good to be a part of that particular activity. Even more, it made me proud to be among those in that activity. That common element is people.

Take kayaking (just because it is my present passion) for instance. There hasn't been anyone I have met in the sport that I have not enjoyed being with. There has not been a one who hasn't had something to teach me and, with rare exception, they have all been people with whom I am happy to associate and/or invite into my home.

I can't say why this is so. Perhaps crappy people don't like water, or sports in general. More likely (and this is only a guess), people interested in doing something for a challenge, people willing to learn and share experiences, people who find pleasure in simple things (things that don't bring fame and fortunate)...all these type of folks, in my judgment, tend to be of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type. They enjoy what they are doing and have a certain level of self esteem and self image that frees them of the need to win or beat up someone else.

Still, they all bring their own personality, their own special interests and their unique ways to the game. Whether it is Jeff helping someone with technique, or JB teaching sea kayaking, or Gary teaching racing or fitness or Alan promoting environmental issues or even me running off at the cerebral cortex...the guys and gals in our sports are our best assets.

Paddle safe.

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