Sunday, June 11, 2006

If only....
If not for them....
Woe is me...

We've all said, or at least thought, these words. They come to mind when things are not going well and seem not to be within our control. They are the words of the victim. Here we see three sorry souls (call them JB, Bob and Sherri) who have clearly been dealt a bad hand. If only it would rain. If "they" hadn't closed the dam. Woe is me (us).

Being a victim is to play the blame game. If only my back didn't hurt. If only I hadn't bent over wrong. I haven't been able to paddle for a week. Why does this always happen to me (a false thought). Woe is me.

Feels kind of good to bitch and moan to myself. And, I suppose, it can be a healthy self indulgence if not over used.

When one plays the victim, they feel that there is a perpurtrator who has dumped on them. And, the victim feels the energy of this evil doer. Thing is that the victim almost always, without realizing it, tends to dump on others with the same evil energy. Misery, it seems, loves comopany.

But our three heroes,(2 heroes + 1 heroine) are hardy souls and not about to give in to playing the victim, no matter what "they" do. See, they're still smiling.

And, like most bad things that happen, things get better. It turns out that nature and the universe can be pretty impersonal. Some times, the universe is very personal and tries to teach them and me a lesson.

So, they and I perservere and learn the ultimate lesson of the ages: Like a hard stool, this too shall pass.

Paddle safe.

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JohnB said...

Just catching up on your blog---have been home less than an hour, car is unpacked, boat put away, and first load of smelley laundry going. Assisting with an IDW is hard, long days. . .and this too shall pass LOL!

I love the hard stool analogy--what a gift with words you have!