Thursday, June 08, 2006

Paging Dick...
The Universe is calling

The Devil is in the details
(read the fine print)

This sitting around and hurting got to me yesterday. I needed to feel good. I needed not to hurt. I needed to have all my agility back, and I needed it now. I needed to get back into my routine of putting my kayak atop my blazer and driving to the big lake and launching my boat. I needed what I didn't have.

I finally put on some sort of shoes and some sunscreen and headed out for a walk. At first, it just felt good to be walking, to be moving and, before I reached the end of the block, I was into it. I was striding along and...and, something else. I was becoming aware of stuff, the stuff I missed inside the house or zipping along in a car. I became aware of the sights and sounds of the land just as in a kayak I am aware of the sights and sounds and smells on the water.

I became aware of subtle shifts in the wind and saw small things along the way I'd not noticed before. I heard more varieties of bird calls than I could identify and saw even more varieties of birds.

Then, I must have slipped into a meditative state, I was suddenly at the waterfall a mile from my house...and I was feeling good. I was feeling good because I was out and about. And I realized something. I miss long distance running, I miss it a lot. And I needed to be able to run again. And, I knew all too well, I never would.

As I headed back, I could see that my lower body had been neglected. Paddle as hard as I might (and I usually don't), kayaking only worked my upper body and arms. One can only press so hard on the pegs and get, at best, a small isotonic work out. And, since I spent all my active time in a boat, my lower body was being neglected.

Continuing my walk, I realized that I had slowed down (an interesting observation considering the speed of a kayak) and, in doing so, was seeing and hearing and feeling things of which I used to be aware...when I was a runner. Then it came to me, the old lesson I've learned and relearned throughout my life.

I had gotten into a rut and had confused my wants with my needs. All I needed, or ever needed, was food, water, shelter and warmth...and I had all of those--in spades. The rest were all wants.

So, the Universe (call it Karma, fate, what ever) sent me a wake up call in the form of a back ache and slowed me down...once more. It slowed me down so I could take care of the needs of my lower body, sure. More to the gist of it: It slowed me down so I would take care of the needs of my soul.

Ever notice how a squirrel uses its paws to hold things?

Paddle safe (I know, it's an adverb...safely)


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Greg Fojtik said...

Nice shot of the squirrel. I presume it was taken in your backyard, not the park.