Monday, June 26, 2006

Greg must be restless and bored this morning.

I've written about Greg before and how he is a can do guy. Well here he is in his basedment where he has taken some plans, some odd pieces of wood and fixings thrown out at his work place and some boards from a box store and about a gazillion hours of putzing until he made another boat. I envy his skills.

And not just a boat like the wooden ones and the skin on frames he's done before. This one is a strip boat with mixed woods and all sorts of details he thought up himself.

He tells me he dyed the deck lines to match the woods in his boat.

Every little fitting is done well.

And it floats and, much to Greg's delight, turns out to be fast.

But, as he paddled off yesterday to join the others at play, I knew he would wake to day and wonder, what can I build next.

Paddle safe



Greg Fojtik said...

Thank you, Dick, for your kind words. Much kinder than the words in my head that kept me going through to the end of the project: "Get that thing on the water and don't screw it up!"

Silbs said...

You bet. You did something of which you can be proud.