Friday, June 30, 2006

Sometimes I feel like a nut...
This blog has been pretty heavy lately, and I thought it was time to lighten up a bit. After all, all thinking and no play.... So, JB and I headed out to Lake Nemahbin, about 35 miles west of Milwaukee where the water is about bath-tub warm. What we did there was what all children, adults, instructors, neophytes and experts do to lighten up. We played. So, with no deep thinking or philosophy, I offer a few images, fresh off the press from yesterday.
We begin with JB who, without his glasses, must rely on his sense of touch to find the little opening where his butt is supposed to go.
He eventually did find it, and he dropped in. Blame this on his Derrick-wannabee syndrome (

Having found the cockpit, JB glows in the discovery that he has not lost his tennis ball (referrence same site). NO inventory of marbles was made.

Just after this pic was taken, and his feet had been dangling in the water for several minutes, dead fish started to float onto the surface.

In our third pictorial, it appears that your's truly is demonstrating an elegant scull brace. And, perhaps I am. But can you really trust your eyes in this day of Photoshop. How do you know it is me and not a stunt double? Or can you be sure I am not in 2 inches of water with the boat wedged into the silt? Ah, yea of little faith.

But the piece de la silliness, is our man and his boat in perfect harmony as they become one with the water. Where's Waldo?

Paddle safe...and always have fun.



derrick said...

Man, you guys better grow up!! This is Kayaking it's not "recess"!! Hey JB that looked pretty good. No big crashes eh?

JohnB said...

Well, about no crashes. . .the photographer either didn't snap the falling that resulted in the feet 'n paddle shot -- it just rolled over as I was trying to do the scramble.

Then there's the one at the dock when we are taking out, where there is knee deep muck, so very important that you don't fall into the water--if you're going to fall fall onto the dock that's about 3 feet too high to safely exit, at least for me. Well, my boat started to slip under the dock went on it's edge and I fell into the water. Dick was laughing so hard, between gasps of oh no! that he forgot all about taking the prize shot :o)))) It would be a winner!

You gotta coach me on this recess stuff. Maybe after a few whiskeys when we're (I'm) limbered-up, I could get up on the deck from the scramble. We'll see.