Thursday, June 01, 2006

Meet the Paddler
(yet another in a series)
Leslie Jahnke

This paddler happens to be a young lady of the female gland. She lives in glendale, Wisconsin and is active with the Milwaukee SeaKayak group. If you show up for one of our Sunday morning paddles and don't take time to talk with her, it will be your loss. For Leslie is one interesting dudette. Besides, she is amazingly generous, and you have a fair chance of walking away with a free boat.

In addition to being able to handle anyone of her kayaks (I forget how many she has on the wall of her little garage), she is up on weather and science in general. In fact, she works as an ultrasound tech at a local hospital, and her knowledge of medical info is amazingly deep. Heck, she will talk with you on almost any subject and let you know what you should think about it. But, least if I am around at the time, do not get her started on any subject that would fall under the guise of politics...unless you have a lot of time and like to listen.

Leslie frequently hosts post paddle get togethers at her house, and the New Year's Day Post Paddle Party (NDPPP) is a Milwaukee group tradition. There, while enjoying the bounty of her kitchen, her bird will tag team with Leslie so someone or something is always giving you an ear full.

Now, lest you get the wrong impression from my teasing, I want you to know that this is a delightful and intelligent person. And, she is full of surprises. I direct you to the picture on your immediate right. Yes indeed, that is our Leslie bringing us ashore with Cajun music. She has traveled to some of those places where folks don't wear shoes and sit on the front porch with violins, picking instruments and accordians and make great sounds and, during the 3 years I have known her, Lesie has only gotten better and better.

So meet her and donate a few bucks to the HGLWPA Fund. For those of you not in the know, that's the Help Get Leslie A WaterProof Accordian Fund.

Then we can have Cajun music afloat.


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