Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Next Movie

In hollywood (so I hear) they say one is only as good as their last movie. The inferrence, of course, is that one cannot sit on the laurels of past success and must continuially reprove their abilities. Every now and then, I get a comment on these blogs from friends and folks I've never met. Some have come from around here, some from Florida and the east coast, and most have been very kind. (It makes me wonder: If my blog can get all the way to Florida, what hope is there of containing the Avian Flu? But, once again, I digress). Having told you this, you may wonder how I manage the pressure of having to make yet another "movie". Well, now I have to reveal parts of another of the secrets of life.

In a writing class, a long time ago, the instructor began by saying, "There a three secrets to being a successful writer." We all sat up and put pen to paper, none wanting to miss this jewel. He continued, "...and no body knows what they are." The only other gem I recall from that class is writers write. Thing is, I don't think of myself as a writer.

Having rummaged around the planet for a while and having made a pile of mistakes, I've developed some thoughts and opinions. I have no idea if any of them makes sense or if any are even general. I only know what works for me. And what works for me is the old song that says, "It's all right now, learned my lesson well. Can't please everyone, so I gotta' please myself."

In abnormal psychology (way, way back a ways), someone said they knew what every mental disease was and asked the prof what it meant to be normal. The prof pondered and paced, then looked and us and said (get your pen, this is another one of the secrets of life), "A normal person is one who can live life by trusting his guts."

Another famous man (some guy who won the Nobel Prize in physics. This came up in our men's group last evening. And, I digress...again) said (and, I paraphrase), Why should I be concerned with what other people think of me? That is a huge piece of the puzzle, folks. A biggy.

So many people spend their lives looking good, pleasing others and doing what is fashionable. They are politically and every other way correct and, after a while (like an actor in a long-running play), they forget who they are. They lose sight of where they left off and the rolls they play begin.

Once, when climbing a leadership ladder, I got to a point where the powers that be said, "Not now." When discussing this with Lady Linda, she said, "I knew you wouldn't get it?" I smiled at her (murder is against the law) and kidded, "Ah, the totally supportive wife."

Without a smile or a missed beat, she answered, "I knew you wouldn't get it because you didn't go there to get it?"

"Really, then why did I go?"

"You went to tell them what you think of the whole thing, to give them a piece of your mind...And, from the way you look, you did just that, and you're now satisfied." And I was. As I sat there, I realized that I felt great. I realized that I felt like myself, and not the character who played the roll of climbing that ladder.

Later, when my mentor in the entire project asked if I was going to try again, I said no, I didn't want it. He asked me what I did want, and I answered, "What I have." (I will spare you the lesson of not looking out there for solutions but quiting one's self to hear the answer which is within and which you already know).

Last evening, talking with the wonderful men in my group, this entire idea came up, and I was talking about how content, unafraid and happy I have become. Erich, the man there who knows me better than any human on earth, gave me that look of his and said, "Sounds like you're done auditioning." What he said.

So, there is no next movie...and screw the critics. I am busy being me, and I am willing to share that. My job (mission) in life is to help and teach others in what ever way might improve their lives and, in turn, the universe.

Finally (you have to be exhausted. I am surprised you're all still with me...but I digress...again), in a small book I once wrote with the late Ron Hering (The Hand Book of Peak Performance), we made the point that there can only be 2 reasons to do something: 1, It serves one's purpose or mission in life or 2, It is good restorative fun that, in turns, helps one do #1.

Hence, this Blog.
Paddle safe...but don't spend all your life in a boat.


derrick said...

great post. That's a good thought. Would you write if no one read what you wrote? If the answer is "hell yes" then there's probobly a good reason to write.

JohnB said...

Most excellent indeed!

For those of you who enjoy Dick's writing, I hope you have the opportunity to be personally taught by him. I will never forget the presentation he did at the conclusion of his IDW (Instructor Development Workshop) last year. The topic was "On-water hazards". A 10-minute presentation to a group of 10 people that was absolutely magnificent! So heart-felt that some were starting to tear-up with emotion.

Not only can he write, but he can speak, and through both he teaches much!

Thanks Dick!