Thursday, June 22, 2006

Here's a book about something we can all do...die!
(with apologies to Oprah and her book club)
Having discovered a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket and having a few hours to look about for something I didn't know I needed, I came across this delightful book on, of all things, death. The author, Buck Tilton, M.S., points out that most of us will die from one of ten common causes and that finding a different way to check out will leave your grand kids with some interesting stories to tell in your memory. He indicates that nature provides many more unique opportunities to exit this life in some spectacular ways.
The format is great. Each page has a title, and they are in alphabetical order. Some examples are Butchered by a black bear...Lit by lightening...Quenched by get the idea. There is then a small amusing sketch along with a quote from some famous person. An example..."You will not die because you are ill, but because you are alive." Seneca, First Century AD

Then there is a page of delightful info on that particular and unique way of cashing in. At the bottom of each page is a moral. Some examples:

Unlike most humans, toads can take a licking and keep on kicking. Or, on the page about cannibals: You never know who is coming to dinner.

Hey, people. It's a must read. The book is published by The Globe Pequot Press in Guilford, CT, and is available at Rutabaga in Madison, Wisconsin.

Now let's get out there and see what new ways we can come up with.

Paddle safe...the rules don't allow you to die in a boat (goes on your permanent record).


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