Sunday, June 04, 2006

Doctor's Excuse

No blog today, I have given myself a doctor's excuse. Had a full day in Madison with JB, Derrick. Nydia and Nancy. The highlight (maybe low light) was when I bent over to pick up my paddle. Now, I've done that or something like it a million times, and I thought I had it down pat. This time, however, something snapped.
It's happened before and, assuming things will go as before, I will find a lot of change (because I will walk bent over for a few days, but will be unable to pick it up). It's okay.
It reminds me to be aware, present and focused when I do anything. It reteaches me to be mindful and take nothing for granted.
So, dear reader, I excuse myself again. I am about to enter that new Olympic event:
The climb to the second floor where the Advil waits.

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