Friday, August 18, 2006

Burying Nuts for Winter

We have a community of orthodox furry-tailed rodents living around us. They are on the job evry day, scurrying about and gathering stuff in preparation for winter. One is a master at getting onto the bird feeder. I have told him to get off many a time, however I now have come to admire his dexterity and persistence so much that I generally just smile at him. He looks back with that you're-a-good-guy-Dick look. It's okay, I know he has to feed himself and stoe away goodies if he is to make it through the perils of a Wisconsin winter. We get along. We understand one another. I know he has a job to do. So do I (Whoa, what's this, is Dick actually going to get to the point?)

I noticed that as we've gotten into August and have had some cool nights that I've been paddling almost daily. Not just paddling, but paddling with more intensitiy, doing aerobic work outs, working on braces and sculls and rolling my skin on frame (and, yes, I can wet exit it, but I have to remember to first remove the closed cell masik I about digressing).

(yours truly forward bracking after coming up from a sweep roll)

I was out yesterday rolling a bunch and teaching someone else to roll. I will be doing the same today and, weather permitting, will probably be out Saturday and Sunday with the local bunch (not to be confused with Bucnh with a capital B which is my exclusive name for my eldest daughter...that's 2 digressiums in one blog...and it isn't even over ...that's 3).

Thing is, I feel it in my bones, just the way my furry neighbor does...winter is coming. More over, I am away (far away) for two weeks in December and will not be paddling during those precious fall days. I probably, because of this schedule, have taught my last lesson up in least for this year. The cycle is coming around again and, as always, it seems to do so faster and faster. I hown a quite desperation to store up nuts to help me survive the coming winter months.

So I try ferverently to stow up skills, experiences and memories (Man plans, G-d laughs). I try to hold on to the simply joy of being in warm water and not having to wear that damn dry suit. I relish the sun that warms me when I emerge soaking wet from the lake. And, most of all, I cheerish these days while my aging body and mind still hold together enough to allow me to get out there and even remember that I was.

Wait, there still will be the traditional gathering in Fish Creek in October. Maybe I can store up a few nuts then. Maybe it will be a mild winter.

Paddle safe...


derrick said...

nice post. Don't let go of your nuts. .

JohnB said...

We need to find that hot spring spot in Nemahbin that you wrote about last year--then we could paddle there year round--

Go forth and gather yer nuts man--just remember where you bury them though!