Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eye Candy
The Handsome Transom
First, Old Business: I left myself (and, possibly some of you) in a bummed out state of mind yesterday. So let's start today on a happy note. Here's the puppy picture that wouldn't upload yesterday:

Now for today's nonsense:

I am a life member of the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee and have served as their Fleet Surgeon. I've spent 3+ decades sailing all size sail boats on Lake Michigan. One of the "things" we sailors do is to name our boats and display the nomenclature on the transom (actually, it is required, along with your port of registration if the boat is coast guard documented...but I digress).

The origin of these names can be derived from a member of the family (CarTam, my power boat was named for my daughters) or, as in this case, a play on the fact that this boat is a Tartan Ten and competes in races. Pretty heavy, don't you think?

Some times, a bit of art is thrown in and color coordination becomes involved in making a transom unique.

Sometimes the skipper will share his personal medical history with the world. Either that or he can't get this boat to move.

Finally, many go for the philosophical effect:

My question here is why something like this isn't done with kayaks. Now, don't cover your eyes and shut me out, not yet anyway. I paddle a Romany, a good old NDK boat, and they all have the Welsch dragon and British decals on them. I have added an American flag and a QAJAQ decal. I have seen kayaks with the names of their source on them, but I have not seen a named-kayak. More over, with all the Innuit art out there, why don't I see more decorative pieces on some boats?

I know that one of the glass manufacturers has a little scrolling thingy on the bow, but what about a real and significant drawing or outline? Right now, I am looking for a rendition of a turtle and will probably ask my oldest to put it on my SOF (the Turtle is my totem animal). It will be small and tasteful and, just maybe, start a new tradition.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

Hmmmm. . .I wonder what my totem animal is? We have "pet" names for other sea kayakers, at least names for them we use behind their back.

When contacting another kayaker by VHF radio, I never know what to call them. "Silbs, Silbs, Silbs, this is Seakayakerjb on channel 9." I guess Silbs and I are pretty easy as we all ready have a "handle." I remember the old days when many of us had CB radios in our cars, my handle was "bald frog." I have know idea where "frog" came from, the bald part I understand--my brother must have named me.

Perhaps we need two names, one for our kayak, and then one for ourself when using radio communications--after all we are trying to communicate with the individual not the kayak.


Buncher said...

I'll be in town over Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah. Have the paint ready!

Your Eldest.

Silbs said...

Ah, Buncher, time to write a comment on my blog but no time to write your own blog. Hmmmmmmmmmm