Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Future
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According to the sages, getting there is half the fun. Assuming they are correct, I must be having a ball right now because I am always going somewhere or looking ahead. Those same old guys seemed to think it was the journey and not the destination that was so fulfilling. Again, I must be full of it (using the same reasoning).

I haven't journaled since my service years and then only to leave behind some info in case I wasn't around to tell the stories. I still read that journal once in a while. I wish I had continued it all these years, but my hand writing got worse as I became a better doctor. But, now, I really digress.

What I do keep is a calendar. It is on my computer, so penmanship isn't an issue. I usually only look a day ahead so as not to go into overload, and this gives me something to look forward to, a reason to go on. But once, just once--and that once is now--I am going to go crazy and be really out there and look way ahead. But I will start slowly.

Like today: I am headed to a church in my old neighborhood to meet some men about taking part in a mentor program. Cool, no?

I have paddling dates on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I take my Perception Shadow down to Lake Geneva for the big yard sale...unless my phone rings in the next 24 hours and someone snaps it up (are you starting to feel the excitement?).

The 25th is a biggie. I join up with Alex for the car ferry ride across Lake Michigan and then up to QAJAQ camp for 48 hours of rolling and rolling and rolling in skin on frame boats. Now we're having fun.

Next week there is a board meeting for the Regie White Sleep Foundation (yawn...ironic that I, with insomnia, am president of this board). And then...then...in September it is off to Pasta-land. I refer, of course, not to a Michael Jackson theme park but to the boot-shaped country of Italy. It will be Lady Linda's and mine's (Tammy, when she first learned to talk and could not comprehend the possessive always said "mine's". And there you have another digression) 30th anniversary (I finally get the boot...see referrence at the beginning of this already too long sentence) and we wish to celebrate our consistancy of stagnation and not knowing when enough is enough :).

I do, in all seriousness, keep a paddling log (on the computer) and have documented every paddle I've gone on, every lesson I've taken and every class I've taught. I make brief entries and believe I have over 20 pages. This too makes for interesting and educational reading.

This all brings up my old saw about how we/I often "waste" life by living in the past and the future while missing the now. All I know is that now, right now, I finally got another blog out of the way.
Paddle safe... (see Derrick's dessent of Niagra Falls on how not to paddle safe...kayakwisconsin.net)
(a future blog will be on the many questions you have all sent to me. If you have more, send them along)

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derrick said...

well someone has to set a bad example. . In fact. . . I think that was all about living in the moment. :-)

You know I keep telling myself each year is better than the last and tomarrow will be better than today. It's not always so, but in the thought lies the possibility. :)