Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Won't Hear it Here

I woke in a foul mood. It happens. I have had trouble falling asleep lately, so I haven't been feeling totally rested for a while. Last night, at 10:45 pm, I took a sleeping pill prescribed by a colleague. I fell asleep around 2 am. Some pill (I could have gotten the same results with a slice of cold pizza...but I digress). I woke with a weak idea for a blog, but it depended on some pictures I took yesterday. (No matter. The freakin' BlogSpot pic uploader isn't working just now). Well, nothing I attach to my computers USB hub comes on line, so the pics cannot be down loaded. Lemons. I went in search of lemon aid.

Being the consummate professional (be it medicine, kayak instruction or dispensing of BS), I know when to refer the patient/client/customer:

Derrick has done some of his best stuff this week, and I highly recommend today's piece ( The theme is basically marching to your own drummer (or accordian player). Synchronicity...and appropo of nothing, This theme came up last night at a fund raiser for the Reggie White Sleep Disorders and Research Foundation (of which I presently serve as president of the board). Reggie, of Green Bay Packer fame (he died of sleep apnea at age 43) was a man of principal's and convictions. He was not afraid to say (read, preach) what he believed...and neither is his wife. She spoke (last night) eloquently about how football was not Reggie's real contribution to the world. Teaching his children to be better at life than he had been was far more important. She then spoke about service and humility, and I thought I was hearing myself think. In any event, Derrick has such moments.

JB has produced his first real and (promised) weekly piece (can the end of times be near?)( It is about fitness and core strength and rotation and has some good info and good links.

So, sans good mood and functioning hub, I have managed to get something down that I hope is of service to you. I didn't even go into the most excellent sunset/moon rise paddle we did on Lake Michigan Monday evening or that my buddy has finally signed up for one of my all day intro to seakayking classes to be held this saturday. I didn't even stoop to fill space with gossip such as me going up to Madison to teach today. Not here, not on these sacred pages. I just wrote what I heard my drummer playing.

Paddle matter what your drummers says (I know drummers).

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