Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eye Candy

From the moment I arrived at the QAJAQ USA Training Camp, I knew I sahould have brought my good SLR camera. There was too much to see, too many waiting-to-be-recorded images; but I was determined to make do with my little waterproof one.

What I didn't expect was to have my back be one of the images.

No matter, there were prettier sights. Right off was the beach where we were to leave our bags (on the dock for the pontoon boat to take over to camp) and launch for the paddle to the site.

Even the wind, which blew until late the next day, provided satisfying imagery:

Once on site, there were endless images of boats and boat parts. I will be showing more of them in the future. Here is a nice Baidarka hull along side one of the wooden boats:

Once things got underway, there were infinite things to see. Often, the activities took on a chaotic look, but don't be fooled. Within each cloister of boats teaching and exhange of information was happening. It just looked chaotic.

More later. Now, I have to ponder whether to try and pad out and rasp down my coaming, or sell my SOF and get another.

Paddle safe...



derrick said...


I had one like that under my ribs for awhile trying to do balance braces in my explorer! Arch, arch, arch. . .scream, weep, sink. . .Well, No pain. . .

JohnB said...

Rasp and foam--then if still a problem, sell. Getting/building another is a good winter project. Consult with the experts (Greg and Mark) and see what they have to offer by way of advice.

Oh so much think about during you upcoming trip--I have visions of lots of pasta and wine being consumed while pondering ye choices. Then there's the letters to Sea Kayaker to draft too (keep 'em coming/going); and a stash of blogs to write; and why not start a book? Next thing you know you'll be back home and can return to the waters of Lake Michigan--back will be healed too!