Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How low can I
(confessions of a man without an I-pod)
(a rambling)

Just woke, the sun hasn't. I went to Derrick's site ( and was treated to a video of some whitewater yahoos almost buying the farm by being sucked into a hole. For you not of the faith, a hole is a phenomena at the bottom of some waterfalls. Without going into the physics, the hole can repeadedly pull a kayaker (with his boat) under the water... repeadedly...until something happens or the guy drowns. Don't get me digressing.

The point here is that I went from life's most primitive state of being...being this overwhelming (okay, pretty good) demonstration of electronic visual communication. Suddenly, my blank sheet of paper (read: monitor screen) looks bleak and outdated. Sure, I put up a picture now and then, but pictures have been around for ever. Am I, who recently learned how to use the Insert key on my computer, to now learn to upload videos (which I rarely take and of which I own none) to stay in the game and be up to date? I think not.

I will, instead, become the agent, the ten-percenter, the guy who refers you to the guy who can do. Like all those guys on TV and in magazines who, for a hefty fee, will help you make money in stocks and real estate. Never mind that if they knew how to do it they would do it themselves. Fact is (this is the longest I've gone to make a weak point), it is safer to teach something for a sure fee and let the student take the risk of executing the plan.

But not in paddling (he saves this driveling piece, at last). Sure, one could write a book, but to teach the sport you have to be out there doing it and, it would seem to follow, able to do it. Walk the walk, float the float and paddle thepaddle, avoid getting sucked it were.

I believe I've made my point, what ever it was. So, lacking anything worthwhile on my mind, I will go meet other like-minded paddlers for coffee. Go watch Derrick's video and come back when my low-tech head is filled with more worthy ideas.

Paddle safe


derrick said...

sorry about that! That's why I'm going to keep video down to once a week. I like eye candy, but video can't kill still photography and will never do what a well written story can. :)

Silbs said...

Great, now I'm supposed to come up with well written stories. No pressure.

JohnB said...

We tend to be our own worse critic, at least that’s what I heard someone say at some point in my life—who and when? Hell, I don’t remember that part, it’s all I can do to remember having heard that.

Another well said point Silbs! As I said early today, it’s amazing to me that you can write these before having coffee. Of course I said that as we sipped coffee at Bella’s while the rest of Milwaukee was waking up and preparing for their daily grind—we were already on the road to grind out another day.

And, leave the video to Derrick, I personally prefer your photographs to video.

derrick said...

Well John, that's the last time I'm talking to you!!

Silbs said...

My word, what have I done? Successfully seperated two conjoined paddlers joined at the imagination :)

JohnB said...

Well well, it must have been something I said. . .but I also prefer Derrick's still photos to the video. I enjoy the art of still photography (not the photography of "stills," although there tends to be some interesting lines and angles involved, and the background of the woods is nice, when photographing stills, but me too--I digress).

I do find the video to be interesting, especially when I think I'm watching someone die--then he pops up down river a survivor of a near death act. I leave those risks to others--not this kid!

derrick said...

funny thing too. I've been told tidal races are much worse than that. . . hmmm, I may just have to stay away from both!

I like Dick's pictures too, just wish they were a big bigger. :)

Silbs said...

Bigger I can do