Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Eye Candy
Memories of Camp

At the QAJAQ USA Training Camp there are, basically, only two rules...and only one of them is a hard and fast rule: no euro paddles. (The other is don't wet exit, it wastes time). Upon arrival, and throughout the weekend, one becomes acutely aware that they are among a unique group of people. Here, after all, are not just paddlers. Here are not just a sub set of paddlers called kayakers. Here are traditional kayakers, men and women interested in the old ways of rolling and paddling and constructing boats.

Lots of paddles and traditional syle boats hanging and sitting around affirm this concept. Even the presence of tuiliks hanging out to dry is an indication that this is not your usual on the water bunch.

Here, one can enjoy the details of traditionally designed craft and some modern adaptations..

And, of course, the best eye candy is the elegant design lines of some of the Greenland style boats. There were some built-to-roll-on-a-whim ones and some copies of ancient designs. All were sleek with narrow beams and low decks, especially in the back. Staring hour after hour at the scene on shore and afloat, I could almost forget which time period I was experiencing, and I realize that a good part of my love of Judo and Traditional Sea Kayaking is due to the rich traditions and history that comes as part of the sport.

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