Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anything and everything
for Dummies
I was just checking out Michael's blog about forgetting his pfd at home and thought about how I've almost walked out of the house on a freezing day without taking my dry suit. Thing is, if I don't have a routine, I forget my pfd or my VHF radio. One of my friends' favorite and ongoing comedy series is to watch me getting ready to launch and trying to remember where I've put the car keys (I set them on the back step of the Blazer now...but I digress).
All this brought to mind the ...for Dummies series of books and how folks cope with such issues. That, in turn, reminded me of a shot I took on my recent trip to Cincinnati to visit my daughter and her husband. We went over for the inspection of the house they are buying. It was built in the 1950's and never redecorated (I will share other shots another time, but I digress again). We opened the linen closet to be greeted with this (above) masterful idea that apparently allowed the previous occupants to keep things straight. There's got to be a way to label a glass boat in a similar fashion.
Paddle safe...

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