Monday, January 01, 2007

This, then, is how the Year ends...The poet said the world would end "...not with a bang but with a whimper." My jazz friends would say, "...not with a bang but the blues," ...but I digress. Well the year ended with coffee with JB in the morning and a house party with relatives in the evening. We were home before the stroke of midnight.

This year, on the other hand, has begun not with a sunrise but with the same old crap. The Beta form of Dashboard (what is used to post these blogs) wouldn't upload photos (again), but the old version would. There was a note atop the form saying, "we're out of beta," with an x through the word beta. Milwaukee is also out of Schlitz.

So, I feel like a curmudgeon just now. It is 2007 and the simple things don't work (still). There are still 100 wars going on all over the world. I see lots of men who look pregnant while half a content is starving to death. I see people spending fortunes on lawyers to get out of a traffic ticket while tyrants continue to kill at will. I see cheaters and low-lifes, albiet among rightgeious dudes. At least Derrick is opining the state of civilization and the state of the planet. Me? I do what I can. Maybe I am keeping some of my powder dry for just the right shot. Meanwhile, I think I shall have some more coffee and go out and enjoy the global warming.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Cheer up, Dick! Coffee, warm engagingconversations and good trustworthy friends change the world every day, albeit in tiny, perhaps unrecognized ways. I do believe that. I don't care who's being bad out there. My plans are to see what good I can do in the next year and focus on that. It might make a little difference, who knows?

Silbs said...

Well said, and I couldn't agree more.