Friday, January 19, 2007

The storm is over...
for nowThe family has dispersed, my oldest has returned to Cincinnati. The house is empty except for Lady Linda, Ansel, myself and a tall glass in which a flame flickers on a wick sitting in oil. It has burned since Dad's funeral and will go out when seven days has passed.

Many traditions have been observed including the eating of eggs, a sign of life. Supportive friends and family prepared plates of food for mourners, a ritual to remind us that life goes on and that one must still take care of them self. Many tears have been shed. I know there will be more and that they will come when they need to. I have been through this before, with my father.

So, like a beach swept and left different by a wave, we take what is left and go on...or begin again. If all goes well, a kayak will go on the car tomorrow, and I will head for the pool. Restarting in warm water feels right, almost nurturing. I will do some braces, some sculling and a roll or two and see how things feel. Hopefully, someone will ask me to teach them something so that I can also be of service. And then I will go on, one stroke at a time.

Paddle safe...

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Michael said...

Great post, Dick. A wonderful blending of the healing power of a richly endowed ritual life and the strength it can give us so we can pick up our lives and keep on paddling.