Monday, January 08, 2007

Hanging in there
The neurologists tell us senior citizens to not worry if we can't find our car keys. They also tell us to call them if, when we do find the keys, we don't know what they are for. Just another pearl of wisdom to keep track of where I am in the life cycle.
JB and I went to a pool session yesterday. I took my SOF. I was looking forward to the joy of rolling about and even getting one of my forward finishing techniques down. It wasn't to be. Instead, I felt stiff, klutzy and generally off my game. I like being on the water, especially with JB (he works 47 job, 28 hours a day, and we haven't paddled together for a while...but I digress). The only down side was that he (of blogger fame) now has his own Optio waterproof camera, and he caught every ugly nuance of my flailing.
With an hour to go, I got out of the boat and helped a father and son team learn to roll. That I seemed to be able to do well, and they made amazing progress. Looking back at it, this morning, it seemed like another evolutionary step in the process: from doing to teaching (see one, do one, teach one). Maybe, just maybe, I can still be of some use to the Universe.
This morning, my shoulders feel tired and my back is tight...and I can't find my car keys.
Paddle safe...

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