Thursday, January 11, 2007

No More Papas?My father, Papa Louie, died about a year after I became married, and mom, Grandma Carol, followed a few years later. My children, therefore, have only known one grandfather, Papa Joe. And he was a blessing in all our lives.
He was, in every way, the complete father, husband and grandparent. He was that rare mixture of humor, love and discipline that produced a fine family and innumerable friends and admirers. I say was because he died just before midnight last night. He was 90 years old.
We are in mourning for our enormous loss, and I, for one, do not know who could or would replace him in the lives of my children and their children. I do know life goes on. That's the way it is.
The funeral is on Sunday after which we will all begin to take stock of our own lives without Papa Joe. For now, however, there are no Papas and there will not be another until someone grows into the role. I will be back later. Until then...

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

No words can replace a lost one, but know at least I walk beside you. I'll be thinking of you during the days ahead. My father died while I was on a paddling trip around Manitoulin Island. At his funeral, I quietly pulled a button off his jacket and keep it in my pocket with my change. It connects us.

John said...

When I received your email Thursday telling me of Joe's death, I was shocked--we were just talking about him at noon on Wednesday and the long-range picture. Who knew that 12 hours later he would pass on?

As Michael said, "No words can replace a lost one . . ."

I've had the pleasure of meeting Joe and witnessing first-hand the love for, of, and by, him by those closest to him. I distinctly remember the excitement of Tammy coming in and greating him with a big hug at your house--I believe it was at your birthday party last year (actually just a few months ago)--a wonderful lasting image!

Know that you and Linda, your entire family are in my thoughts at this difficult time.