Saturday, January 27, 2007

When the world is like a colon
Around this time of year, Wisconsin is like a colon; a place where the sun don't shine. Gloomy all day long, it provides the unwary with an ideal opportunity to enjoy lethargy, depression and skin cancer. How easy it is to forget about the UV rays being sent down by the deities to cook our epidermis and turn our cells to the dark side. In this happy vein, JB has posted a nice piece on the problem and how to avoid such troubles.
As for the non-skin problems, I recommend Citrical for its content of vitamin D3. Known as the sunshine vitamin, it is produced from cholesterol being secreted onto the skin and interacting with Mr. Sun. Since we get reduced skin exposure during winter, vitamin D levels can fall, and that is associated with depression (are you starting to feel more cheerful about winter now?...but I digress)
In any event, it is Saturday, and my creative juices are more like cold creative molasses. They just ain't flowing fast. I will, therefor, give myself permission to put on my 17 layers of cloths, walk Sir Ansel and return for a day of hot coffee, reading and some light exercise which I do in my basement, another place where the sun don't shine.
Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Cholesterol seeping out onto my skin? Oh god, no! First it was my veins and arteries clogged with it and now my skin is covered with the stuff! Is there any hope at all for us, Dick? ;-)

Silbs said...

Hey, even I couldn't make up stuff like that.