Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hanging out in the poolIt seems that Michael and Derrick are feeling the winter and that Michael, like we here in Milwaukee, is being frozen out of our launch sites. So, I suggested to Michael, get thee to a pool. That's what I did last evening, and it was wonderful.

After a week of intense sadness, the warm water was (as I had hoped and mentioned in a recent blog...but I digress) nurturing. It seemed, too, that my hiatus from paddling, however short, had left my body hungry for action.

I went between a euro and a Greenland stick and spent the evening sculling and bracing and rolling and playing like a kid. Everything was working almost all the time. Sweeps, storm, angel rolls and reentry rolls. I even found an opportunity to teach some fellows a T rescue and help one with his roll. There is something to be said for the healing powers of water. Now if I can just find the ibuprofen.

Paddle safe...

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Michael said...

Ibuprofen? I was hoping for a drug-free experience, Dick... On the other hand, people keep telling me to live life to the fullest! But you're right, I need a pool.