Monday, January 15, 2007

Starting again

Monday, the start of a new week (on some calenders). The beginning of the work week (for some). The first day of what will become a normal and new way (for my wife, her family and me).

My father inl law died late the night of the 10th, and we buried him yesterday. In between those times, family gathered from as far as Florida and California. Relatives we hadn't seen in years, even decades, appeared to comfort Mom and to honor Dad. There was grieving and, at the same time, arrangements had to be made. Still, with everything that needed to be done, it was not hectic.

In fact, time slowed to a stop. People forgot about work. We just gathered, sat together, hugged, told the stories over and over and talked and talked and talked. I imagine, as the rituals played out, that we did what people have done since the beginning of time, turning to our traditions and the comfort of friends and family. And the healing began.

Today is just another day, and it is the first day of how it's going to be from now on for our family. As I sit here and write, it is not the same "I" that sat here a week ago. Something has happened. The world has changed, and this has all happened, in one form or another, a thousands times before. I will adapt and watch with curiosity to see how this experience has changed me. Gradually, I will ease back into the paddling, the teaching and coffee at Bella's. I will be my old self again, and I will be different, but how I will be different I do not yet know.

Paddle safe...


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JohnB said...

Did someone say "coffee at Bella's"?

Looking forward to sipping and chating.