Sunday, December 31, 2006

And so,
We begin anew.
I've already written about new year's and how we, as a people, arbitrarily choose this as a "time" of new beginnings. Enough about that. Still, it is time, for some, to write resolutions. I, however, prefer to concoct a wish list. So, here are the things I'd like, starting now and for now on:
1. For my children: To be healthy and happy with their lives. To experience the rich life I have enjoyed. To recognize the best in themselves and to use it to give back to the Universe.
2. For my wife, Lady Linda: To be healthy and to enjoy, along with me, grandchildren. To honor herself for her gifts and for what she has done for our little family. To tolerate and love me and, just once in a while, want to jump my bones.
3. For my friends, too many to mention, and you know who you are: To continue to be the wonderful and decent people that you are and to enjoy the rewards of being so. Good health and many happy days on the water or (for non paddling friends) hours filled with the times you enjoy. To experience the richness of soul from a life well lived.
4. For my dog, Ansel: To remain spry in your old age and to maintain your wonderful and gentle disposition. To find wonderful smells on every tree and hydrant. To know your companionship is cherished.
5. For Peter S.: Send me the freakin' boat already.
6. For me: To be of service to my family, friends, community and Universe. To not be a burden to them. To obtain the wisdom to do right and do good deeds. (And, maybe, to digress a little less...but I digress).

What the hell, might as well shoot for the moon. Happy new year, good health and (just maybe this year) peace.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Well said sir, very well said indeed.

2006 has been pretty good to us, we are still active and we still have our sense of humor. Looking forward to a 2007 that is even better!

Thanks my friend!

Michael said...

Awesome words indeed! May they all come to life in the coming year and may we all share our versions of them in our little realms.

Thanks Dick!