Monday, December 11, 2006

Daddy is happyI have done many many things so far in life and have been to a place or two. I still do lots of things and will probably still see a new spot now and then. In all of this, I have learned to derive pleasure (the soul-satisfying type, not of-the-flesh-kind...but I digress) from many sources.

There have been the excitement-pleasures such as executing a perfect Uchi Mata on the center mat of a huge Judo tournament or flying upside down 300 feet above the jungle at 400 knots. On the other hand, there have been the quiet pleasures such as sitting 35 feet away while Count Basie and an army of skilled artists set my toes and heart beating to the sounds of their jazz.

My Mother, rest her soul, once told me that I would never know what it was like to be a man until I held my own child (I hope to be referring to that time in a future blog in May...but I digress...again). What she didn't tell me was what it would be like to feel great joy simply by watching my children experiencing their own happiness.

I felt that joy when daughter #1 got married. I feel it again, now when daughter #2 has found a man who makes her happy. Such are the simple pleasures in life. I hope you are happy too, and I hope you will...

Paddle safe...

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Michael said...

vwfmjzGreat post! My most lasting impression of the time spent living with Inuit was how they got so much pleasure from their children. They impressed upon me that children were everything in the world, there was nothing else. It took me a while, but I know now true that is! My children give me pleasure every single day and I'm forever grateful.