Sunday, December 03, 2006

Damn that Derrick
(A brief treaste on victimhood)

I shouldn't complain. After all, I knew it was coming because he had shown it to me yesterday. But that was yesterday, and I am sitting here now. I am sitting here now feeling like it is a great day to hunker under the covers (I've already slept later than usual, but I digress), eat fatty stomach-filling meals and not have to do anything. That would work because right now I feel as creative as an Amish dress designer.

It's sunday, chill factor 0 degrees and no one (especially me) is paddling. I have nothing planned. One part of me is thinking about how to pay or another wedding in October while another part whispers "Go with bankruptcy." I am willing, at least for today, to play the victim. The world should go easy on me today.

So, what does Derrick do (he of the old He changes the name of his site. Wait, he doesn't just change it, he changes it to a brilliant new concept. I'd tell you the name,but can't spell the Q word...and has an excellent graphic...and then piles it on with a sensational tag line. That's what happens when an average guy from a small town does his first DVD cover. You can still call up his site at the old address and, if you apprciate creative and mysterious ideas, I recommend you do.

So congradulations and thanks a lot for doing it today, Derrick. Hey, it's alright, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I'll just sit here alone untile something terrible happens, and then I will have a new idea too.

Paddle Safe...



derrick said...

LOL!! Thanks for that! Now, get out of the house, take your credit card and hire a wedding planner. There has to be one who works on Sundays!

JohnB said...

Ok, silbs--time to get off your ass and brave the cold, but cloudless blue sky sunny day. Meet me at Bella's for soup and coffee, hell have a piece of cheesecake!

And, did I hear Sir Derrick offering his services as a "wedding planner"?

I'm off to Bella's--see ya there!