Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Getting back my perspectiveI am a very focused individual...and a creature of habit. When I get into something, I am so focused and intense that I can miss a dragon walking through the room. I also run a lot on auto pilot and don't recall doing something after completing a task. Any interruption in my routine requires me to consciously track what I am doing.

Here I sit freshly back from a wonderful visit with my daughter and son in law. It was joyful and satisfying, and it was a change in my routine. Ending it with an airplane flight didn't help. Then I was picked up (not literally, but by car...but I digress) by daughter #2 and my son-in-law-to-be. "Suddenly", I was home and back into my routine...but I wasn't.

My routine had been changed, interrupted for a few days, and it would take awhile to get back into it. Well, I am back to my usual sleeping and eating and walking Ansel routine, yet something isn't quite right yet. I am, it seems, in withdrawal. I haven't been in a boat since before the drive-visit-trip to Cincinnati. I must go down to the sea again.

As I write this, I have e mails out to round up the usual suspects, and I hope to be on the water by this afternoon. Then, deep in my bones, I will be back.

Paddle safe...

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