Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eye of the beholder
Graffiti, an art form that is under appreciated and disrepectful of property...all at the same time. A product of folks called taggers, these works often demonstrate unique and bold techniques. Some, I am told, have underying messages, sometimes relating to gang activity. Still, with their bold colors and imaginative executions, I find many of these works better than the crap in our otherwise spectacular Milwaukee Art Center (someone there needs to say, "The Emporor has no clothes."...but I digress).
Some of these artists have actually had "legit" shows in which they have been able to demonstrate their talents. Others, unfortunately, just mess up other people's property.
Still, nature and the law of physics has, in my experience, often surpased these man-made works. Working slowly, and always within the laws of the Universe, these forces have often combined erosion, seepage and other suptle, slow-moving, forces to produce art that (like the taggers') is better than some of the stuff on the canvasas hung by the "experts".

Paddle safe...


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