Sunday, December 24, 2006

I haven't seen everything...yet

(but I just got a whole lot closer)

Among our fondest mythologies and stories, is the coming of St.Nicholas. This time of year, children around the world await his arrival for he brings good cheer and gifts. Over the years, and depending on time and culture, Santa's method of getting his bag of goodies from the sleigh to under the Christmas tree has evolved. In our culture, today, it is well documented by double blind studies (funded by the toy industry....but I digress) that the jolly fellow comes down the chimney. Never mind the huge number of homes without fire places. This is his story, and he is sticking with it...up until now.
A Silbs Blog Exclusive: I made this less-than-sharp photo journalistic coup last night in down town Cincinnati. I stood out in the windy and cold weather so that my readers would be first to see and know of the quantum change in an old story. As you can see from the photo: SANTA REPELS DOWN THE SIDES OF BUILDINGS ALONG WITH HIS ELVES! And, lest you think that this is a photoshop event, here is a picture showing the entire gestalt:

Need more proof? Want to talk to someone who was there, even part of it? Then, talk to this guy, Scott, who worked one of the spotlights that illuminated this coming of Santa. And, in case you think you can't believe him (either), think again. The man is my son in law.

For those of you who still refuse to believe: Kentucky is just across the river where there is no shortage of coal for your stocking.


Paddle safe...


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Santa said...

Me rappelling down the side of a building!!!

HO! HO!!!!