Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What's going on here?
The woman in this picture:
a, Just learned of the death of a family member
b, Just won the lottery
c, Just left the confessional and feels the joy of relief
d, Just learned that the girl she is hugging is engaged
e, Is a model hired for this photo shoot
f, a and d
g, b and c
i, I don't know
j, I don't care
I recall one year at the Wisconsin State Fair when I saw a guy selling books. I picked up one entitled, Everything I've learned about women. The author was Albert Einstein, and every page in the book was blank. Am I seeing some nods out there?
I used to understand women, but after 30 years of marriage and living with two daughters, I'm not so sure. In any event, this theme (which I've addressed before...but I digress) popped into my mind as I woke this morning. I'd slept in (to 7 AM) and, when I looked out the window, was greeted by what looked like a 4 AM blahish scene. Still, it is warm (40 F.), and I will paddle later today.
The point of all this? None, absolutely none; and, if that makes you angry or uncomfortable, I invite you to look at that little character flaw. Hey, maybe you know as much about men as you do about women....your welcome.
(d is the correct answer, i and j are acceptable answers, as well)
Paddle safe...

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