Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Aches, Pains and Neurogenesis
Excellent paddling yesterday. An off shore wind with air temps in the high 70s and water in the very low 40s. This required a dry suit and lots of deodorant. An aggressive high brace and scull produced weird temperature differentials along my body (but I digress). The thing is, I am so much smarter this morning...really (it just doesn't show).
Studies with MRI devices have shown that the growth of new brain cells is stimulated by exercise. It occurs in the dentate gyrus where "normal" decline of memory takes place with aging. Results are on the online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
Having read about this, I am really stoked to get out paddling today and to get even smarter. Now, where the hell did I leave my car keys?
Paddle safe...


Ron said...

I believe the paddling season has begun!

Michael said...

Hmmm... after all the paddling and hiking I've done in the past month, maybe I should take it easy before I get too smart for my boots! LOL Good post, Dick.

Alex said...

So let's see...

paddling = smarter
whitewater hits on the head = stupider
whitewater paddling = maintaining current level of intelligence
sea kayaking = MENSA

I need all the help I can get so therefore I should sea kayak more. :)

Silbs said...

See. You guys are smarter already :)