Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do It Your Way
Of all the sports in which I've participated, I cannot recall one that offers the variety of expression as much as kayaking does. We might all start out with the same basics but, from there, the possibilities seem endless (which would be infinite and not likely, but I use poetic license...and I digress).

There are the recreational paddlers who tend to paddle wider boats in calmer waters on nicer days with less expense. Most of us, I suspect, call ourselves sea kayakers, spend more on everything, have lots of it and sometimes go out in conditions that cause our spouses, friends and partners to fret about our sanity.
Then there are the racers who work out like marathon runners and paddle boats that are to rec boats what thongs are to boxer shorts.

Even within the sea kayaking fraternity there are day paddlers, shuttle paddlers, out and back paddlers and trippers who pack their food, fire, clothes and Irish whiskey into small dark compartments in (dare I say) the bowels of their little boats.
And, speaking of boats, there are plastic boats, glass boats, Kevlar boats, carbon boats, inflatable boats, sit on top boats and skin on frame mention the main ones. We buy them, trade them, hang them in garages and put them atop our cars. We build them from scratch, from kits, out of strips, out of planks and sometimes cover them with canvas or nylon or some other synthetic material. Then, depending on the "skin", we paint them with outdoor oil paint or, perhaps, Rustoleum.
Then there are the folks in little crafts and wearing brain buckets as they shoot down rapids and over drops and in and out of swirls in the river.
The thing is, and what I like best, is that we are all members of the same group. We are all kayaker people who share the essence of the game...smelly neoprene.
Paddle safe...


Alex said...

good post. if it wasn't for my tuiliks, i could go entire years without touching neoprene with the exception of my sprayskirts.

Ron said...

How True!! That was a day brightener dick, thanks.

DaveO said...

Nice post. Just getting into this blog thing myself (thanks to Ron O)and am enjoying it AND the fact that the lakes are softening up! I can put my Chlorinephobia on the shelf for another 8 months or so.

Silbs said...

Thanks, and hello to daveo. However, you may still wish that pool were available, especially with the weather patterns around here

Michael said...

I discovered my "smelly neoprene" booties to be the only serious problem I encountered in my recent southern trip. Worse than no-see'ums, gators and ripping tides! I finally had to get a covered plastic pail to contain them in the car when travelling. Truly a paddling hazard which unites us all!

Silbs said...

I've made a can of air freshener and a large spray bottle of Fabreeze clothing deoderizer part of my basick kit.