Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eaten Any Bisphenol-A today?

If you think not, don't be so sure, because the stuff is everywhere and in "everything". It is in baby bottles, soup can liners and those colorful water bottles we like to lug around in our hatches. Bisphenol-A (B-A) is one of those blessings we have received by living better through chemistry and, in most studies, traces of it are present in all of us.

B-A is what polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins come from (in part). It is used because it is tough and is said to withstand high temperatures. Unfortunately, it leaches into hot or alkaline liquids that may be put into containers made of the stuff.

I say unfortunately because the molecule mimics estrogen and, consequently, occupies estrogen receptor sites. This, in turn, can alter breast and prostrate tissue. It is known to cause cancer in lab animals. Some researchers believe it is causing genetic abnormalities in humans (might explain white water paddlers...but I digress). By the way, it is present in plastic baby bottles (can you say glass?).

Those who study this kind of thing are due to come out with a report for the feds, but they are so overwhelmed with data that the report has been delayed. Meanwhile, we have to wonder if that pretty bottle in the day hatch, cooking under the mid day sun, is producing freak soup for our little genes. Thank goodness for this news, I was about to run out of things to worry about.

Paddle safe...



Richard said...

A smart kayaker once said that dying from drinking too much water from a colorful water bottle, is a pretty good way to go. The implication being that we made it out onto the water paddling very often. I'm betting that all of the red meat that I eat will get me first. =8^}

Silbs said...

You may be right. I have done thousands of heart catheterizations and found more red meat damage than any from B-A