Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank You
Rube Goldberg
For those too young to remember, Rube Goldberg was a cartoon in which elaborate schemes to accomplish simple tasks were illustrated. For instance, a ball would roll onto a ramp which, in turn tipped a cup over spilling its contents into a pan which, in turn, weighted down another lever which, in turn, struck a match afire which, in turn, burned a string which...etc.. That's why, when some one comes up with a make-shift solution to something, it is called a Rube Goldberg.

Problem: We have a two car garage, and we have two 4 kayaks. Actually, I have 5 kayaks and, since Wisconsin is a if-you're-married-she-owns-half-of-everything-state, I only get half the garage (it's not fair, but it's the law...but I digress). That's why my car sits out in all weather and my side of the garage looks (looked) like this:What's a guy to do? Some how, I had to "steal" some of Lady Linda's garage space, but she would hear none of it. After all, her side of the garage is so disgustingly neat that she could get a food vending permit for it (my side qualifies as a land fill site...but I digress, again). So, off to the law library to steep myself in the law and, ta-da, I find a loop hole. According to section 8 paragraph 7 of 26.55 of the code of shared property, Lady Linda may own half the garage, but it is not so clear as to what in that half she actually has claim to. Think about it: she might own the floor space on one side of the garage and own the roof over the other half of the garage. Are you following this? The same would be true of the ground under the garage. Since I have no interest in tunneling under her car, I boldly claimed (when she wasn't home) the air over her car as the half of the air-space that I own, and...ta-da...problem solved. (I know, I am occupying virtually 100% of the air space, however I my heart....ceeded to her all the land under my half of the garage). Thank you Rube Goldberg.

Paddle Safe...


JohnB said...

So, rather than sell 2 of your kayaks so that you can then buy an Explorer, why don't you declare those 2 Linda's? Hey, you got rid of 2 boats that what she had "hinted" at, right?

But, since the garage is actually part of the house, take the total square footage of the structure, and then compute who has what. You might be able to take the entire garage into your "half". Let's see now--how big is your dark room? Your office area? You'll need a bedroom (you need your own with this plan) and a bathroom. Then you've got your exercise area, and some entertainment space. Then just as in most condo settings, the kitchen and hallways are "common areas".

It might be easier if you switch sides of the garage, then bump out the west wall of the house and build an addition to relocate your office into. Then extend your half of the garage (currently Linda's side) into where your office is now. While your at it don't forget to have the contractor put in that 10 foot high garage door so you can just drive in and out without taking the kayak of the day off your car!

Problem solved. . .how many were created? Price for new explorer $3200. . .Price for used explorer $2000. . .Price for the above plan -- priceless!

Sounds like a good project that Scott can lend you a hand with. With his skills, and Greg and I helping, should only take a weekend start to finish ;))

Silbs said...

All I'll need is an attoryney and lots of aspirin :)

JohnB said...

All aspirin will do is make you bleed out quicker as the platelets are slicker.

There's always Irish Whisky.

You'll still need an attorney, but not just any one will do -- you're gonna need a great one, one who is sympathetic to those of us who suffer from SKS (sea kayaker's syndrome) -- aka JONMBD (just one more boat dear).

JohnB said...

I just noticed how nicely your new kayak matches Linda's car. So, whe you getting a kayak for Lady Linda's car?

JohnB said...

that's supposed to read "when are you getting a kayak rack for Lady Linda's car?" You already have the kayak. . .