Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Great Scott

Two of the most gratifying rewards of doing men's work are seeing younger men grow and, at the same time, learning from them. I just love it when they teach us old dogs new tricks. I am even more taken when I see one of them doing what I struggled to do and doing it at a much younger age. As we all know, men mature (socially) slower than do women (Lady Linda does so hope this is the year I grow up...but I digress).

Scott, not yet 30, has finished college and obtained a Master's Degree. He had lined up an excellent job before graduation and now puts in long hours. At this tender young age, Scott is married and, along with his wife, is expecting his first child in May.

They recently purchased a home, and Scott is busy (read: busier) wiring, dry walling, insulating, painting and doing carpentry...and he knows more about them all then I've ever learned. Simply put, he is a very capable man and, I suspect, he is unaware of his gold. More over, and as the past few days revealed, he is an excellent teacher, boss and slave driver.

Scott is a good husband and, I believe, will be a wonderful father. He is intelligent yet able to access his little boy and unabashedly play the clown and laugh at himself. It appears to me that he is developing into a total person and doing so very nicely.

The Wedding Song (author unknown) tells us that, "...A man must leave his mother and woman leave her home. They must travel on to where the two become as one...". Easily sung, not so easy to do in this world. Scott and his wife have become a close and loving couple. My hope for them is that they will be happy in their new house and that it will become their home in the deepest meaning of the world. To me, that means a safe, nurturing place in which the wife is the Queen and the husband the benevolent King who protects and serves her. It's a growth process, and I can't say enough about how much I admire Scott's growth along this path.

Great Scott, well on his way to becoming a man among men. I am so proud that he is my son in law.

Paddle safe...


The Wedding Song (author unknown)


Buncher said...

Thank you, daddy.


Scott said...

Thank You Sir.