Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Rare Reunion
Don't miss the next miracle
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It happened about 50 years ago when twin boys were born to poor parents in a small Baltic country (one that no longer exists...but I digress). Due to the ravishes of war and the resultant economy, the parents were forced to give the boys up for adoption. Unfortunately, they went to different homes and were soon living in different countries, each unaware of the other.
They both grew into fine young men who went about making their ways in the world. As fate would have it, they both ended up emigrating to the United States and, then, to the Midwest. Here is where it really gets interesting, and this goes to the question of whether or not the desire and skill to paddle is a learned or an inherited trait. You see, both of these brothers, each unaware of the other, became paddlers. Even more, they became paddling instructors. And, amazingly, they ended up working for Rutabaga in Madison, Wisconsin...each still unaware of the other (Jb worked MWF and Ken TThS...but I digress again).
Well, my friends, the inevitable happened this year at Canoecopia when these two, now grown, men saw each other across the vast expanse of the exhibition hall. Locked in each other's gaze, they walked toward each other, meeting in front of the Impex booth where they hugged without either saying a word. Suffice to say that it was such an epic and emotional reunion that Impex is going to name their new tandem kayak to commemorate the event (it will be called the bearded barge).
That's the type of out-of-this-world miracles that take place when paddlers make pilgrimages to holy sites. This is the type of awesome experience you could miss if you don't come to The Door County Sea Kayak Symposium July 13-15. Don't say later that you weren't told.
Paddle safe...

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JohnB said...

Carmen (one or our colleagues from Rutabaga) were walking and talking at Canoecopia when she called me "Ken", I had to remind her that I'm "John", Ken's twin. . .and I'm the one who wears his glasses all the time (no pretending to see clearly without them here ;)), and while we are both good looking, I'm slightly better looking. But, Ken is the wiser as he's retired already and was asking my advice about heading south for some paddling (sea kayaking) soon -- Tybee Island my brother, Tybee Island !!!