Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nancy...Da Boss
For those of us part-timers who teach and perform slave activities for Rutabaga, Nancy Saulsbury is Da boss. As head of their outdoor programs (ROP), she has the job of making schedules and finding somewhat willing bodies to plug into the slots. She is a tireless worker and a good soul.
This is a unique picture of her inasmuch as it shows Nancy in a rare but immobile moment. Usually, you will see her zipping to and fro, putting out fires or looking for me, JB or Derrick (because we are hiding out in the candy store. i.e., among the toys for paddlers...but I digress).
It is interesting, to me, that she ( I don't actually know if it was her, but I have a poetic license) chose brown shirts this year (for you youngsters, it will suffice to say that brown shirts had an evil place in history during WWII). They brought to mind how, at the symposium, Nancy likes to take a bull horn and shout out orders to we serfs. And, we love it.
A great gal with a world of talent and a can-do attitude (even if she makes us do it). Next time you see her, stop and say hi, and thank her for her efforts...and suggest she give us a raise.
Paddle safe...

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JohnB said...

To we sailors we appreciate the admirals that when the going gets tough, they get down there with us. Nancy is certainly one of those admirals! And, what energy! You go girl!!!

Nice post Silbs, for a great boss (you know she really does like being called "boss" ;))

Here's to a another great year at ROP!!!