Sunday, April 01, 2007

Derrick Mayoleth
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(To the reader: I became aware of what you are about to read when the staff at BCU in England contacted me along with other bloggers to get information about Derrick. Because this will be announced "tomorrow" from England, and because of the time zone difference, they have given me permission--as the person living nearest to Derrick--to publish this information now)

Derrick Mayoleth, often referred to as the Uber Blogger of Kayaking, will be honored this week by the BCU for his unique contributions to the sport. The international certifying organization intermittently issues one of these awards when they feel an individual has broken new ground or done something worthy for the sport. Previous recipients include many of the paddlers about whom Derrick writes.

In their announcement, the BCU will recognize Derrick for several areas of service to kayaking:

1. Blogging: Derrick is among the first and, certainly, most read of kayak blog sites. His creative writing and positive words on kayaking have drawn many to the sport.

2. Teaching: Derrick is a BCU certified coach and has developed his own unique teaching techniques that have allowed new paddlers to get onto the water.

3. Reporting: Derrick is often the first to break news regarding new equipment and upcoming expeditions. His recent efforts to keep us up to date on the disappearance of a paddler making a long crossing will be specifically noted.

4. Paddling: Derricks constant efforts to improve his game are singled out for recognition. He is constantly working on his rolls and balance techniques.

5.. Participation: Derrick is at every symposium in the mid west, he is constantly going to Madison to teach and is now planning his first circumnavigation

The award will consist of a BCU plaque and a new NDK Explorer.

I am happy for Derrick, pleased to be the one to announce his award (and to scoop him...but I digress) and honored to have him as a friend.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...
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Kristen said...

Congrats to Derrick!

JohnB said...

Sir Derrick! You da MAN!!!

Way to go -- maybe Derrick will be knighted when he goes to Wales next month. Well, I'm sure he'll be nighted by Nigel and the gang, even if the Queen doesn't knight him (something silly about not being a British citizen).

Drinking all that Irish (and Scotch) Whisky has paid off.

It will be interesting to see what decal will show up on Derrick's car and boats, and what his new license plate will be -- hmmm . . . a limit of seven characters???

Sir Derrick of Baraboo, what will it be . . .

And, thanks to Slibs for this breaking story, Derrick is much to shy to toot his own horn -- so toot this!

derrick said...

. . LOL and if you show that nasty picture of me again I'll have no choice but to kill you. And that's quite sad actually, since I sort of like you! LOL!!

Thanks. . . goofballs!

Michael said...

Gee, all those dark, moody postings paid off big! I ough to rethink my presentation! Meanwhile, hats off to Sir Derrick! May his castle be large enough for all those new boats coming his way...

Alex said...

Congrats to Derrick! Well deserved.