Thursday, April 05, 2007

Empty Nest?
I Think Not
Lady Linda has just left to run errands, and King Ansel is sunning himself on the porch where the air temp is below freezing. I have the house to myself for a bit. I like being alone... sometimes. Other times, I rejoice in the energy of friends and families standing shoulder to shoulder, laughing and exchanging hugs and stories. But most days, there's not much happening here.
For many years, the house was full of the sound and energies of my two daughters. Ours was the house in the neighborhood where all the kids came to gather. Many came, I suspect, because either Lady Linda, or I or both were always home. Some of those kids used to sit a tell me about what they had done in school that day. Once in a while, they would call me dad and Linda mom. Some of those kids, now adults, still drop by. sometimes, they bring their children.

Our oldest, Carri, lives in Cincinnati with her husband, Scott. They will become parents in about a month. Tammy is about to move to Illinois and will marry Ben this fall. Ansel has decided not to get his own place but to continue to mooch off us. Tammy and her two dogs drop by now and then, Tammy comes over more often alone...and Ansel loves it. The two of them have a special relationship. That dog will, instantly, do things for her that I cannot get him to even put on the agenda to consider.

Now, I sit in the quiet waiting for one of them to visit again. Mostly, I wait for my grandchild.

Paddle safe...

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Buncher said...

That's a good looking dog you have there.