Saturday, April 28, 2007

Say "HI" to Derrick
Say "BYE" to Derrick
Derrick Mayoleth, of kayak and blog fame, will soon be headed for Wales (the original one, not the one in Wisconsin where the prison for young boys sits...but I digress...already). In a recent blog, he spoke of his anxiety over the challenges of 5 star training and paddling with the biggies (my word, not his). Derrick, in my judgment, has little to fear.
Being from Baraboo, Wisconsin...the heartland of sea kayaking...he has had little exposure to tides, races and all that salt stuff paddlers to our right and left experience daily. Still, he brings with him a bags (he even has a TRAK) of skills that will serve him well. I've watched this guy paddle and have done a short passage along with him and JB. If Derrick isn't taking pictures with his little Optio, he's looking for a wave to surf or suddenly practicing some roll I've not seen before (or, maybe, it is a common roll and he is doing it all wrong). On his home "turf" (tell me you're not surprised he paddles on Devil's Lake....professional courtesy?), he is constantly working and working on skills (when he isn't videoing hours and hours of JB practicing the sacred head dink).
You will be great, Derrick. You will learn a lot and, then, return and explain it all to JB and myself. And...think of the pictures you will be getting. Just remember, over there, they paddle on the other side of the water. Yes, I can already hear the BBC announcer saying (imagine the accent), "Yank takes the isles by storm. Film at eleven."
Paddle safe...


derrick said...

LOL!!! Thanks, yeah, I'll remember to paddle on the left side right? hmmm, now let me see. . there's a book there somewhere. "Keep England on your right"?

I'm sure you and jb will be right there with me in spirit. Of course the bits where I'm upside down I'll blame on JB's spirit. :)

Silbs said...

I believe the English still use the expression...keep your pecker up.

JohnB said...

. . . and, "I'll knock you up in the morning." (nothing like starting the day off right ;)
Ok now, don't get your knickers in a twist mate!

I'm envious of Derrick, and Oz knows it -- she's tired of hearing me talk about Derrick's going to Wales.

Silbs and I will have to go some place -- ummm...Cudahy???