Friday, April 27, 2007

A M*A*S*H Moment

These are photos of Bob (l) and Greg (r) taken during December of 2006. Seeing them just now brought to mind an episode of M*A*S*H which began with the doctors celebrating Christmas. Colonel Potter, in a pathetic Santa beard, sadly makes a toast in which he hopes that they will all be home for the next Christmas. The episode eventually ends with him, a year later and still at war, making the same toast and wearing the same crummy beard.
Well, this is the "next Christmas", so to speak. Tomorrow begins a new paddling season, at least for me. I will be doing a demo at a local inland lake (we don't think of Lake Michigan as being inland...but I digress). Thing is, the furnace is chugging and I am wearing layers as I sit and type this. I am, it seems, as pathetic as Potter as I wait for the summer to start.
Oh well, it is supposed to be 70 tomorrow. Of course, the lake will still be cold, and I shall be in a dry suit. And it is nearly May. Maybe next year.

Paddle safe...

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