Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Too Busy
To BlogAlmost 6 am, raining like crazy out there and lots to do today. First, and most important, got to meet JB for coffee at Bella's in half an hour.

Then there is the Milwaukee Harbor Commission's safety Committee meeting at the MYC. I hope to get a bulletin board at the South Shore launch site for paddlers' info.

Local elections. Must vote

Then there will be some time to work on the SOF repair as well as do some class prep for the Anatomy & Physiology course I teach Wednesday nights. Finally, I have the high school mentoring program where, presently, I am teaching some PhotShop. So why am I sitting here typing? This being retired is hard.

Paddle safe...


Suzanne said...

Just loo at the word: retired. Re-tired! In other words, getting tired all over again! I like to think of this life stage as 'pensioned'. Seems more relaxed, less tiring, somehow, with more time to paddle. After a long day on the water, I like to think, 'I really earned my pension today!' ;-)

Silbs said...

You know, Suzanne, you are correct. I get to choose the battles and projects I feel worthy of my soul-energy while not having to worry about getting fired or promoted. You made my day!