Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Add Water
In Any Of Its States

By states, I do not refer to the solid, liquid and gas forms of this wonderful and life giving compound. Instead, I am thinking of the conditions in which we find water and how, in all its states, it has an uncanny attraction. At least for some of us.

You may prefer the calm surface of a lake on a windless or even moody day. Maybe you like tucking your pony tail into a brain bucket and riding the white water of a gnarly river. What ever. As paddlers (those reader who are), we are simply drawn to this union of hydrogen and oxygen. When ever we can free up the time, off we go in formal dress, boat atop the car, in search of a new place to wet our hulls or to revisit a known and friendly launch site. And, when we can't get out there?

Then, we stand on shore and watch the waves clean the beach or rinse the rocks. Myself? I go to the parkway (a 1 mile walk...but I digress) and sit by the waterfall that is for ever changing its presentation. I listen to it talking to me, and I bide my time until I can once again meet these waters down stream where they come to gather in the great Lake Michigan.

Paddle safe...



Ron said...

Great pictures! I'm starting to learn that good pictures don't just happen .. at least for me anyway ..

Silbs said...

Thanks. Most photogs find that their best pics are made in familar locations, often very close to home.

Ron said...

That makes sense when you think about it, people are familiar with thier surroundings. I've used your suggestion to vary the exposure on some photo's ... it has helped quite a bit.