Wednesday, September 05, 2007

'BAGA Rutabaga, of which I've often written, is a kayak shop in Monona, Wisconsin (Just south of Madison, on the beltway...but I digress). Off to the right you can see the Rack Haus, their shop that specializes in, as you might guess, racks. This is the place where I learned to paddle, to teach paddling and where I often teach classes in the pond out back. This pic, taken early in the morning, does not do the place justice as the "back yard" is generally full of kayak and canoe classes, kids and folks there to test paddle a new boat. The water connects to the Yahara River and then offers all sorts of routes to open lakes, rivers and gunk holes. There is public access here, and local folks can be seen putting in all day long. The retail operation is full service, and the staff is dynamite. I've often mentioned Nancy, my boss, who is charge of the Rutabaga Outdoor Programs (ROP). She is a perpetual motion gal who is constantly juggling schedules and getting students hooked up with the proper gear and classes. She organizes trips and all sorts of events that 'Baga sponsors.
Ownership has an interesting take on hiring. I don't think they would mind me sharing it with you. They tell people that they will hire them for who they are and teach them what they need to know rather than hire them for what they know and have to fire them for who they are. Cool, yes? If you are in the area, pay them a visit.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

When I ran into Hadas and Tomer in Newfoundland this past summer, I was surprised to see Rutabaga written on their kayaks. These folks sure get around (pun intended!), don't they?

Silbs said...

For real? We sould be charging them advertisement fees for allthis :)